Your Brand Deserves Photos As Great As Your Work..

I’m Kevin,

Kevin Ross, brand photographer, taking photos of artists as they perform.

A designer, digital marketer, and artist that loves basketball. I love telling the stories of business professionals and entrepreneurs by capturing amazing moments in photos and videos, helping people present their brand to the world through compelling images, and video production I ONLY take on clients that I know I can hit a homerun for. 

Let’s Be Honest..


Better photos for your personal brand at your fingertips

If you want others to invest in you and your services, you must first invest in yourself. 

Millions of portraits are posted online to social media everyday, most of which are taken with cell phones. Some of those are breathtaking, but let’s be honest, most cell phone photos are nothing spectacular. 

If you’re in an industry where high-end photo and video are standard, cell phone photos won’t help you break through the noise, no matter how powerful your message is.

I help people get the confidence and credibility for your brand that gets you noticed and saves you tons of time throughout the year. 


Photo taken in Eureka, CA of fence and lights in the distance. KM Ross Photography.

Your brand message authentically presented through every pose, expression, and movement. 

Not remembering the last time you stressed over what to post because you already had the next years worth of branded content ready to post. 

Basic headshots that are rushed and don’t capture the essence of you and your brand are a thing of the past. At least for you. 

Instead your assets are unique, eye catching, and breath taking. Rather than meet the status quo, you exceed it and set new expectations. 

Not only are you the best at what you do, but you look the best while doing it! In only 1 DAY, Brand photography has saved you tons of time, and now your audience see’s you authentically and consistently doing what you do best!

personal brand photo of spoken word poet at northtown coffee in arcata california humboldt county
personal brand photo of hip hop producers in a cave in trinidad california humboldt county
Personal Brand Photo in Trinidad California humboldt county

The Process

Discovering your goals and exceeding them with personal brand photography


We discuss your needs and brainstorm strategies to help you meet your goals. If we are a good fit, we will explore creative and distribution strategies, and decide which ones to pursue. 

Brand Photography done right. Scheduled content, and less stress.


This is where the magic happens! We plan and implement strategies in alignment with your goals, and identify key metrics to track in measuring their impact on your bottom line.

Delivering the assets that will take you brand to the next level. Photo taken in Humboldt County, CA


Go from where you are, to where you should be. Premium assests that will impress your audience are delivered, and you can have the consistent presence online, without wasting a ton of time trying to create content everyday! 



Our gold package will take your brand to the next level!

In just ONE DAY we create a year’s worth of content. This is much more than a photo shoot! It's a celebration of you embracing your brand and embarking on the next chapter of your business! 


Shine like a diamond with stunning brand photos!

This package is designed for those who need LOTS of content all year. Those who want to step up their web presence and show up in huge ways! Includes THREE full day shoots, priority booking, and endless savings on tons of content. 

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